Hijab Day Success

It has been an amazing week. Al Masaar had the opportunity (courtesy of Angus MacDonald MSP) of holding a 3 days exhibition in Parliament this week.

The aim of this was to raise awareness of why women wear the hijab and how the principle of Hijab is applicable to both men and women.

It was amazing to receive so much support from our elected members (pictured) and how we all have the shared vision of women’s rights, being part of an inclusive society and spreading the message of respecting each other to live in peace together.

We see that male-dominated cultures have oppressed women, but we are fortunate to live in Scotland, where we have tolerance to freedom of expression in a peaceful manner. We live in a multicultural country that celebrates it differences and comes together on commonality.

The principle of Hijab is often over-looked; to safe-guard your modesty. This is applicable in every aspect of our life – the way we talk, behave, think and look. And this principle was directed to both men and women. Allah has said in the Qur’an to the men first, lower your gaze and protect your modesty. This shows that the emphasis is on the male gender to be mindful of themselves in every aspect of living. And then the women come next. This also shows that the responsibility is firstly given to males in terms of observing hijab.

I hope that these simple and beautiful messages are ones that we can get across in ALL communities in Scotland to promote better relations with each – that is the sign of a progressive society.


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