Hijab Day Report

Uncovering the Islamophobia in MSM



Uncovering the Islamophobia in Main Stream Media

The Daily Fail need help with their Islamophobia and journalistic abilities. Perhaps the editor
also needs to undertake the diversity and equality training as well as resit GCSE English
Not only did they fail to distinguish between the two Governments along with the
“mandarin” and staff, but also used photos completely out of context with the ill-informed,
bigoted and bias report.
“Mandarin” is an outdated, imperialistic term which creates an underlying tone of
imperialism. This type of jargon opposes our progressive society.
Our volunteer had been given an unexpected promotion to a senior bureaucrat while
Scottish Government Minister Maree Todd MSP was demoted to a staffer! All the more,
apparently the headscarves were supplied by the taxpayer, rather than being from her
humble collection.
Islamophobic rhetoric continues throughout the piece with words like ‘hijab tyranny’ and
‘antiquated, oppressive, religious tool.’ We are sure English teachers across the nation are
cringing at the lack of balanced sources.
This is the type of journalism that causes discrimination, fear and even assault against
Muslims and those who resemble them.
The aim of the World Hijab Day is to tackle Islamophobia ad rebel against male-dominated
social constructs. Over 1400 years ago, Islam gave the rights that women in the West have
recently begun to enjoy. Any other misconstructs of Islam are purely due to cultural
practices that women the world over from Hollywood to UK Parliament have suffered from.
We call upon all self-respected reporters to raise their voice against this type of insult to
journalism. For more information on why Muslim women wear a headscarf, just ask a
headscarf-wearing Muslim woman.
A complaint has been made to IPSO and we demand a public apology from the Mail Online.


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