by Nida Khalid, Youth Worker


Al Masaar returns to rematch Coo Park AFC for their 3rd match. Al Masaar holding a steady unchanging streak lose 1-4. The awaited event took place on Saturday, the 2ndof April. The day consisted of the ‘WEE TEAMS’ going first with a remarkable tie! The Younger team made up of ages 4- 7 years amazed the crowd with an astounding strong match! Al Masaar’s Defenders, Fatima Akbar and Ali Iqbal held a solid front, not letting the ball stray.  They protected the Goalie, Aiden Naveed, who never let the ball in once!  Our midfielders, brother duo Mubashir & Moheen worked together to navigate the ball. Also playing with great energy was Rayyan Ali and Rocky Lam! The Strikers dominated the match varying from Iqra Naveed, Umamah Khan and of course Zain Rashid who attempted to score many times.

Al Masaar’s elder team played the most intense game against Coo Park AFC. The seriously durable game was the highlight of the day. The first goal was scored by Coo Park AFC, astonishingly they came straight after with another. Al Masaar began to slack and then half time came in quickly. They supported one another during the break & immediately found the Al Masaar-Way and realised this was their “Path to Progression”! Straight into it the game had the crowd on their feet at all times. Al Masaar’s striker, Umair Rashid stole the game with his unbeatable goal from out with the box! He celebrated by running back to his team with a victory dance! Friends and family were going crazy cheering Falkirk’s most vibrant teams. We even spotted Euan Graham, Al Masaars new coach with his arms in the air! Al Masaar’s goalie, Umar Akbar saved countless goals and was constantly diving left & right trying to keep up with the vivacious match! Unfortunately, Coo Park AFC was downright fantastic and scored 4 goals spread out in the 30-minute game. The defenders, Yu Han Quin, Amina Khan & Zain Ali were relentless at remaining sharp. The midfielders, Jannah Ali, Maryam Ali, Emma Lam & Saira Waheed were determined and uncompromising. They held their force and battled their way through the pitch time after time! Their power helped accelerated the game. The brilliant strikers, Umair Rashid and Mo Han Qin were the strength of the team and never sat down once! Al Masaar may have lost this one but are anticipating another rematch before September & are already back into training.

Euan, Al Masaar’s coach shared “Overall I was pleased with the way we went about the game, working tirelessly for each other & really making an effort to get on the ball…the shooting accuracy, their GK was exceptional & they pulled off some very good saves. We are great at creating the chance & the shot was more than often on target, unlucky not to have scored more”


Check out the gallery for pictures of the matches.


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