A Goalie’s Account

By Umar Akbar, age 9.

The match was on the April 2nd. There were two matches. The younger ones (4-7yr olds) and the older ones (8-11yr olds). The younger match was on first.

The kick-off was at 12.45.There were very good shots by both teams although many hit the post. Coo Park had a good defence while Al Masaar did well in attack. I thought Zain Rashid was very good. The end score was 0-0.

Then it was the older ones. Al Masaar had lost 1 time against Coo Park United 7-1 and drew 2-2. They were expecting a win. It started at 1.20. At first, there was many shots into Al Masaar’s goal but were all saved by me and very little to Coo Park’s goal. Then the first goal was scored by Coo Park. They then scored again. It was half time and things weren’t going the way they were supposed to be for Al Masaar. But they gathered up their confidence for the second half. Al Masaar then scored a goal scored by Umair Rashid. But that didn’t stop Coo Park. They scored an open goal and at last goal to finish off. The whistle blew and the match was over. Coo Park United 4 Al Masaar 1.

The teams shook hands and then went off. The two teams came altogether for snacks afterwards.


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